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Major Topics:

1. Innovative strategies for waste sorting, recycling

2. Bioenergy and bio-products from waste

3. Waste-to-energy and waste-to-material

4. Emission Control

5. Landfill management & leachate treatment

6. Hazardous, industrial and special waste management

7. Life cycle assessment of waste management practices

Organized by+
  • 1.Zhejiang University, HangZhou, China

  • 2.Hong Kong Baptist University, HongKong, Asian Pacific Assoc. of Sustainable Waste Management

  • 3.Waste-To-Energy Research and Technology Council, WTERT (www.wtert.org)

  • 4.Chinese Society Of Power Engineering

  • 5.China Association of Urban Environmental Sanitation

  • 6.Nanjing Technology University, China